Reviews from students

That was the most fun I’ve had in ages. It was relaxed but also had a nice format. Seugnet, you are very positive and encouraging and I definitely want to take as many of your classes as possible. I can’t believe I didn’t join sooner :)– Bianca Cara Bernstein

LOVED my first class! I felt like the pace was great and it was easy to follow instructions as they were clearly explained. The class was also a nice size which allows for individual attention. Really looking forward to learning more.– Ane Van Rooyen

Still wanted to tell you and Che how much I enjoy the classes (especially the small, intensive ones). I can already see how much I’ve improved the past few weeks; generally, I also feel much stronger, fitter, not as flabby overall, and my back pain has disappeared.– Caren Van Houwelingen

I was warmly welcomed by Seugnet and made to feel comfortable , despite my age and lack of ballet experience. The other women were nice so I found myself at ease. Thank you Seugnet for your patience with me and lack of judgment – I felt like the elephant, you never made me feel this way at all. On the contrary you were warm and encouraging. The lesson was like a time warp experience, very bizarre and very interesting , to go back so many years to my childhood ballet self. I found the lesson gentle , professional and non threatening, very instructive and very enjoyable. I have aching calves and thighs and ache in places I forgot existed.. which is quite wonderful . I practiced all weekend :) I look forward to buying ballet shoes and making this a regular part of my life. I hope you will be patient with me as I am there to enjoy my self in my body and mind as I do not aspire to being a prima ballerina, rather to add happiness to my life:)– Marlene Wasserman (Dr. Eve)