Ballet classes

Wondering which ballet class is right for you?

Ballet 1

For anyone who has never done ballet before, you cannot really remember what you learnt way back or you had a long break and you want to get down to the basics. This class teaches you the basics of classical ballet.

Ballet 2/3

For anyone who has a few years of ballet training. Give us a call to chat about your experience and we will direct you to the right class.


A basic pointe work class with lots of conditioning for ankles and feet. This class requires commitment on a monthly basis for safety and progression. The class is available for anyone who is at the level of the Ballet 2/3 class or have a few years of ballet experience and will be in a safe and nurturing environment. If you are unsure whether you are ready please chat to us.


Body conditioning classes

Pilates based class with a twist working hard on the little muscles to make you extra strong. Complimentary to your ballet training. Suitable for all levels.



Fun ballet, yoga, dance and pilates inspired workout. Highly recommend this class to build strength, flexibility and stamina. Suitable for all levels.



Vinyasa flow yoga class coordinating movement with breath to flow from one position to the other.  It is the focus on learning good-quality breathing that links our bodies and minds, bringing about a clear focus and calm mind. If you are keen to breath, be playful, stretch and calm your mind this class is for you.  Suitable for all levels.


What to wear?

Ballet: Leggings/tights, leotard or top, shoes are ideal, but wear socks if you want to try out a few classes before buying ballet shoes.  It’s important for you to just feel comfortable, so wear something comfortable!

Body conditioning, Yoga & Barre: gym wear and bring your own yoga mat

Where can I get ballet clothes?

Ballet World,

16 Chester road, Rondebosch,

Contact no:  083 701 0501